14 August 2019
2nd Territorial Marketing event – 18th of August 2019- Malësi e Madhe

The DMO technical staff of Malësi e Madhe Municipality, in collaboration with the managing Body of Municipality Koplik, is organizing the second Territorial Marketing event aimed at gathering all local Stakeholders to discuss about the themes characterizing the project through a participatory and inclusive approach.

The event will be held in Vermosh, an enchanting village belonging to the Municipality of Malësi e Madhe, in the framework of the annual initiative entitled "Logu i Bjeshkeve" aimed at promoting the Tourism of the area, organized by the Municipality.

The DMO staff has contacted all tourism stakeholders and workers of the tourist sector of the area, encouraging them to participate in the event by bringing their products and services to promote them.

Furthermore, they will have the opportunity to express their opinions, needs and doubts on Accessible Tourism and organisations dealing with such themes will try to provide replies and solutions to them.

Vermosh area is the touristic site chosen by project partners to carry out the infrastructure works planned by the project to favor the access by people with disabilities to the area and to its products and services which include, among others, trout fish, honey, various teas, dairy products and medicinal herbs.